SIP Trunking – Are You Ready to Move Forward?

The SIP stands for session initiation protocol. The session initiation protocol is the communication protocol for the voice communication and video, the session initiation protocol is also denoted with sip, this session initiation protocol trunk is the system which replaces the traditional analog system like telephone service. It is the technology which is now being used across the globe to replace traditional telephony trunk lines. Basically it is a norm for the businesses to have an IP PBX in place of their phone system but only one handful of the business can say that they are using the system in its full potential and often times.

The session initiation protocol trunk solution is the thing which got the solution to replace private branch exchange system to voice over internet protocol. Which is usually help in transmitting voice through internet. The private branch exchange phone system is usual present in every office it is the regular thing.

The reason of switching from private branch exchange to voice over internet protocol is that voice over internet protocol offers so many offers which private branch exchange system doesn’t. Many business are reluctant to do away with their private branch exchange system and control which a company has to control on their communication. A session initiation protocol trunk solution is the combination of private branch exchange and internet telephony that allows user to get benefits of a voice over internet protocol telecommunication solution without having to change you all communication system. The traditional telephone system like private branch exchange will function basically installed wire in the building by a service provider with private branch exchange system.

There are some of the benefits for your business if you are using session initiation protocol trunk lines then you can easily save up to 50% on their telecommunication bills now the question is how, the first thing is their dial rates on the local calls, mobile calls and the international calls which are too much cheaper but still conveying in the business grade quality. There is another benefit which they provide is now you can call unlimited it means that you have to pay per call not for per minute. You can talk as long as you want for the perfect sale calls and the appointment calls.

There is another which is via rental lines, in traditional telephony you have to pay for each telephone you have a line for it. If you have 10 telephones then you have to pay for 10 lines but in reality, you don’t really using all 10 phones at the same time, may be 3 or 4 of them are engaged at the same time but you pay for 10 telephones. In a session initiation protocol trunk you will only pay for 3 or 4 lines to handle for incoming calls but still have 10 extensions so you can easily increase your lines for the efficient and fast service for you customers. There are even service providers that offer unlimited outgoing lines for free.